We are XTech Tactical, a technology and innovation focused firearms accessory manufacture based in Arizona. We are known for our willingness to enter demanding marketplaces and create products that compete with established giants of industry. We strive to identify problems and then create solutions. Our goal is to create a company where our customers have a voice and take part in our journey.

Since 2017 our team has seen 2019 as the year that we burst onto the scene within our marketplace. We are currently being sued by Century Arms, the largest importer of AK style weapons over the past 20 years. Century Arms claims our MAG47 magazine and a grip they refer to as the “XTech Grip” possess features that infringe on common law trade dress that they acquired in purchasing US Palm.

Most small businesses simply state “no comment” when faced with this type of litigation. We hope that our openness encourages law makers, innovators and small businesses to push for a change to the legal system that pledges to protect all parties regardless of their size. The single biggest threat to small business and innovators in the United States is the civil legal system itself.

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